Ashley & Caleb

The Smile is the Beginning of Love

We believe that falling in love with somebody can happen slowly or all at once. It will hit you harder and affect you more than you ever thought possible! We know it sounds crazy how one person can change your life forever in the best way possible and make you wonder how you ever lived without them. We’re sure that Ashley and Caleb will make each other feel something that nobody else has made them feel before.

We Have Each Other …

Did we tell you how much we love beach weddings? Yes… we do! We love to hear couples saying “I Do” and we’re blessed to capture those moments with our camera lenses. Ashley and Caleb’s wedding took place in a stunning Cinnamon Beach in Florida… Navy blue bridesmaids dresses and white roses bouquet made the day.

You Become Each Other’s World

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer give us a call. Our wedding packages come with edited / retouched photographs and all unedited photos on a flash drive. Wedding photography available in all state of Florida including Florida Keys.


Location: Cinnamon Beach, FL